Geelong bereavement support groups can help

Grief is an intensely personal thing. No two people grieve the same way, so nobody knows precisely how a grieving person feels or the exact thoughts flooding their mind.

At Hope Bereavement Care we know the grief when a child dies is unimaginable and uniquely personal, however there are people who at least understand the feelings of pain, confusion and despair following a child’s death.

Our Geelong bereavement support groups comprise trained bereaved parents who offer their services under the guidance of qualified grief counsellors.

Friends and family members are important helping with your grief, but despite their best intentions they don’t necessarily have the skills nor understanding to guide you through your grieving. Because other bereaved parents lead our bereavement support groups, Geelong and district parents who have lost children  have the support of people who at least have an understanding of their situation.

Our support groups provide bereaved parents and family members with support, understanding and compassion from people who have endured a similar loss. Importantly, they can help you develop the skills to endure your grief.

Grief and death are issues our culture often struggles to discuss, but support groups encourage participants to share their stories and feelings openly. They give bereaved people “permission” to grieve and permission to move on and live fulfilling lives.

We encourage bereaved parents and other people to contact Hope Bereavement Care to discuss how our bereavement support groups can help with the grieving process. For urgent matters call our 24-hour telephone support service 1800 240 420.

Offering free, qualified bereavement support to any person in the greater Geelong region.