Community supporters encouraged to consider monthly donations, Giving Hope to our region

Hope Bereavement Care is calling for supporters of the service to help people grieving in our community, by considering a monthly donation to the not-for-profit organisation.

Established in 1985, Hope is a community partnership that provides free information support and counselling when grieving the death of a baby or child, a loved one or after suicide.

Hope does not have any ongoing funding and is supported by local businesses and philanthropic agencies and individuals.

Like many charities impacted by COVID-19, we cancelled our major fundraiser this year, the Hope Charity Sports Breakfast. This has affected our capacity to continue to deliver services. It has also meant some of our bereaved families have missed the chance to share their lived experience with the local community at the breakfast.

Geelong residents Catherine, Lisa, Janet and Bruce had all planned to speak at the Hope Charity Sports Breakfast in April.

They all acknowledge how crucial the support they have received from Hope – which includes bereavement counsellors and support groups – has been to them following the death of their loved ones. In the absence of the Hope Charity Sports Breakfast, we thank them for sharing their experiences here with the Hope community.

For Lisa, the support of Hope’s Bereavement counsellors and their wealth of experience and knowledge in trauma, grief and loss after suicide has been instrumental to her following the tragic death of her beloved and charismatic 20-year-old son Mitch in July 2018.

“We are incredibly grateful to Hope for helping us navigate this most painful loss,” she says.

“We know that this service is lifelong and free which is necessary for so many people to gain support.  We can go back at any time and I would strongly advise using the service as a first line option.”

“They specifically understand the responses and reactions that are unique to suicide loss.”

Hope has supported Catherine with free bereavement counselling following the death of her husband John, in July 2018.

“They are pretty amazing people. I find it very important,” she says.

“I had no idea what this would feel like (losing a husband). I just felt really lost and I find it (the support offered by Hope) really helps me.”

Janet says the support from Hope and its Empty Arms Parent Support Group lets them realise they aren’t alone.

On August 3 2012 Liam Henry, first born child of Janet and Bruce, was stillborn.

“There are other people out there (who have also had a stillborn baby) and it gives us Hope. We get to see people through their journeys,” Janet says.

“We are going on eight years now, so we have people who have just lost babies coming into the meeting. That’s what I found at the beginning as well, I could see other people who have gone on to have other children even though they still missed their kids. It was hope to see where we could be down the track. So now we are at the point where I give hope to others.”

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By hearing how Hope can support people grieving in our community we are calling for supporters of the service to consider supporting Hope with a monthly donation. This can be done by committing to a tax deductable monthly donation.

Any amount is incredibly helpful and helps us ensure no one is alone in grief. Just $30 a month will provide an individual with access to support and bereavement groups and $100 will support a family to access ongoing bereavement counselling.