Geelong grief counselling and support

Hope Bereavement Care in Geelong provides bereavement support services and grief counselling for people affected by the sudden or unexpected death of an infant, young child or person under the age of 18. We also offer support and services for people grieving the death of an adult.

Please contact Hope Bereavement Care for more information or call the 24-hour telephone support service 1300 308 307  for urgent matters relating to the death of a child.

Grieving A Child

Every parent fears losing a child and when it happens, the death of a child is devastating to parents, family members, friends, workmates – the impact has a far-reaching ripple effect. Sadly, at this greatest time of need, the overwhelming trauma of a child’s death can turn people away from those who need support the most. People sometimes…

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Grieving An Adult

A common perception of bereavement groups such as Hope Bereavement Care is that they focus predominantly on providing support following the sudden and unexpected death of infants, toddlers and young children. Hope Bereavement Care in Geelong certainly provides support following a child’s death but also extends its bereavement support to any person in the greater…

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Support After Suicide

SUPPORT FOR ANY PERSON BEREAVED BY SUICIDE AND THOSE CARING FOR THEM Support After Suicide (SAS) Geelong Region is a service providing support for any person bereaved by suicide; and professionals in the wider community who may be caring for them. We offer suicide bereavement counseling; referral; group based support; secondary consultation; health promotion and…

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Offering free, qualified bereavement support to any person in the greater Geelong region.