Bereavement support and grief counselling partners, Geelong

Hope Bereavement Care in Geelong works closely with partner organisations which provide bereavement support and can help people coping with death of a child and dealing with grief.

  1. red-nose-grief-and-loss-logoRed Nose (formerly SIDS and Kids)
    Red Nose supports families after the unexpected death of an infant or child, and carries out research into SIDS deaths. A major partner of Hope Bereavement Care.
  2. Australian Centre for Grief and BereavementAustralian Centre for Grief and Bereavement
    The Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement is a not-for-profit organisation established to provide a range of education, counselling, research and clinical services for those working in and affected by experiences of grief and bereavement.
  3. Road Trauma Support Services Victoria
    Provides support to families who have direct experience of road trauma. Partners with Hope Bereavement Care through the Road Trauma Support Services Geelong support group – a not-for-profit organisation contributing to the safety and wellbeing of Victorian road users.
  4. Suicide Prevention Awareness Network (SPAN)Suicide Prevention Awareness Network (SPAN)
    SPAN aims to create suicide awareness in the community so those faced with loss or feeling that they have nowhere to turn, have the support they need.
  5. The Compassionate Friends (Victoria)The Compassionate Friends (Victoria)
    The Compassionate Friends Victoria is for parents who have lost a child of any age due to any cause. The group partners with Hope Bereavement Care through a “Drop In” support group.
  6. Wesley Centre for Life EnrichmentWesley Centre for Life Enrichment
    The Wesley Centre for Life Enrichment aims to offer care, counselling and education for all. Strives to provide a service which enables people to develop positive relationships with themselves, each other, their family and their community.
  7. Wombat's WishWombat’s Wish
    Wombats Wish is a group helping bereaved children find ways to live with loss and grief, to build on their resilience, to move forward and take the next steps on their bereavement journey.

Corporate and community support partners

Hope Bereavement Care relies heavily on its partner organisations which provide corporate and community support.

  1. Barwon HealthBarwon Health
    Barwon Health delivers health care in the Barwon Region. A major partner of Hope Bereavement Care.
  2. Cats Community Assistance
    Cats Community Assistance is a Geelong Football Club project to support local and national non-profit charitable organisations, community groups, schools and junior football clubs.
  3. City of Greater GeelongCity of Greater Geelong
    The City of Greater Geelong is the municipal body responsible for Geelong and its immediate surrounds and many of its agencies work closely with Hope Bereavement Care.
  4. Geelong Community FoundationGeelong Community Foundation
    The Geelong Community Foundation exists to make a positive and lasting difference to people in the Geelong region.
  5. Give Where You LiveGive Where You Live
    Give Where You Live is a charitable organisation dedicated to reducing disadvantages in education, income and health in the Geelong region. Formerly United Way Geelong Region.

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