Grieving An Adult

Helpful Links 

Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement 
Information fact sheets. This organisation provides support and education for bereaved and grieving families

What do I do now?
Information on the coroner’s process and what to do immediately after your loved one has passed

Bereavement Assistance
A not for profit charity providing services at low cost for victorian families struggling to afford a commercial funeral

My Grief Assist: Tip sheets for the Funeral
Information fact sheets relating to arranging the funeral, meeting the funeral director and how to support someone after a death

Compassionate Friends 
Support for grieving parents, siblings and grandparents for when a child of any age has passed

Cruse Bereavement Care  – UK
A UK based Support service offering advice and information to children, young people and adults when someone dies along with stories of lived experience from those who are bereaved

Grief Hotline
Grief and loss counselling, support and resources

Jo Betz- Grief, a Guided Journal 

Motherless Daughters 
A support service for girls and woman who have lost their mothers

Skylight – NZ
A New Zealand based support service for all ages who are going through a tough time specializing in grief, loss and trauma

Guilt and the “Fair Trial” 
Jesuit Social Services: Support after suicide fact sheet. This fact sheet can be relatable to any bereavement

Helpful Links for Children 

Wombats Wish
A community based service that offers support for bereaved children

Feel The Magic 
A program aimed for children and teenages aged 7-17 who have lost a parent/s, sibling/s or legal guardian

Wings of Hope 
An activity book and USB resource for children bereaved by suicide

Helpful Links for Young People 

An information fact sheet for young people around grief and loss

Bereavement and loss support from cancer


Terrible, Thanks for Asking 

What’s Your Grief?

Healthy Widow, Healthy Women 

Good Mourning 

Grief Cast

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