Man Up Man Down

Man Up Man Down 2

The Man Up Man Down project by The Travelling Alchemist, is a book that represents the mental health struggles, journeys and triumphs of fifty brave men.

“Each started their Man Up Man Down journey with a wet-plate photograph, and then shared their story through an interview. Their images, words and lessons learned form Man Up Man Down – a book I hope will spark a conversation about men’s mental health. I created the Man Up Man Down project shortly after going through a very dark phase in my life, and I hope this book will change the dialogue around how boys and men see themselves and seek mental health support for future generations.”- The Travelling Alchemist 

Read the Geelong Advertiser article on Scott Andrews ( The Travelling Alchemist)

A portion of the profits made from the sale of the book will go to Hope Bereavement.

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Man Up Man Down