Resources for supporting someone bereaved

Supporting young people after a suicide death
– a Hope fact sheet providing tips and resources for those supporting a young person bereaved by suicide


Helpful links

‘Supporting someone who is grieving’ – Grief Australia
– a fact sheet containing advice on what to say or how to offer comfort and support to someone who is grieving

‘How to be a compassionate employer’ – The Compassionate Friends Victoria
– suggestions to help guide and support employers in the development of compassionate policy and practice

‘To family and friends: You can make a difference’ – Red Nose Grief and Loss
– a booklet by parents whose baby or young child has died suddenly and unexpectedly

‘Information for family and friends’ – Support After Suicide
– information from Jesuit Social Services about what to say and do for someone who has lost a loved one to suicide

‘Sad news sorry business’
– guidelines from Queensland Health for caring for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through death and dying