SPAN – Suicide Prevention Awareness Network


Hope Bereavement Care are honoured to auspice the Suicide prevention Awareness Network (SPAN) Group.


Embracing the Gift of Life

SPAN has been holding its Suicide Awareness Walk annually since 2010, and this year will be its 12th anniversary Walk! A dream of its founding members. The walk is a positive, active community event where people can come together and pay tribute to lost loved ones, offer support to those hurting and ultimately embrace the gift of life.

The walk has evolved into a positive, family and community event which allows everyone directly or indirectly affected by suicide to offer their support to others. Our aim has been to combat the stigma and shame that can accompany suicide and this walk is a means of bringing people together to raise awareness of suicide. We are a suicide bereavement support group and work towards reducing loss from suicide.

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Suicide Awareness Walk GeelongSPAN Walk – 11 years and counting

Our annual Walk aims to create suicide awareness. This years Walk will be held virtually on 12th September

SPAN's Vision:

Create a Safe, Welcoming and Supportive Space

  • Foster an atmosphere of community;
  • Care for those in distress;
  • Reducing, where possible any barriers to attending the Walk;
  • Promote available support services;

Reduce Stigma

  • A charter of removing the stigma related to suicide;
  • Promote and encourage attendance by those who are supporting someone bereaved by suicide;
  • Education;
  • Align the Walk with international Suicide Awareness Day;