Hope Bereavement Care in Geelong provides bereavement counselling and care for people affected by the sudden or unexpected death of an infant, young child or person under the age of 18. Read More

Coping with death, particularly the death of a child, is one of life’s most difficult challenges. Hope Bereavement Care’s origins go back to the 1980s and community concern about the lack of family support in the Geelong district following a child’s death.

Today the group’s services encompass a range of bereavement support services, from bereavement support groups, grief counselling and strategies for dealing with grief, through to providing information to help families and service providers.

Hope Bereavement Care provides free confidential and professional support in Victoria’s Barwon and South West regions for families – parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents, other family members and family friends – workmates, schools, members of the community, emergency service personnel and service providers.

Hope Bereavement Care’s grief support services can help people grieving the death of a child and also the death of an adult and we offer support in three forms:

  • At the time of a child’s death and the following period when our grief counsellors provide grief support and information.
  • Through support groups led by trained bereaved parents who, under the guidance of grief counsellors, connect with newly bereaved parents to support them in their grief.
  • Through conducting special community events for those bereaved, such as the Walk of Hope and the Remembering Service for children who have died.

Our support groups comprise a Drop In Coffee Group for parents who have lost a child of any age; After Suicide Support Group for anybody requiring support following a suicide bereavement; Children’s Memory Mornings during the school holidays for pre-schoolers and primary aged children; Empty Arms Parent Support for families and friends who have suffered a loss from a miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death; Parentally Bereaved Support Group for adults.

Hope Bereavement Care offers:

  • Personal and family support from qualified counsellors and trained parent supporters
  • Information and resources to help families, service providers and support people
  • Opportunities for bereaved people to meet with others who have had a similar experience
  • Information about grief and trauma
  • 24-hour telephone support service in Australia: Call 1300 308 307
  • Support, education and advice for emergency workers, schools, community service providers and others.
  • A resource library.

Hope Bereavement Care’s counsellors work under the professional supervision of Red Nose (formerly SIDS and Kids) and are specially trained to provide SIDS counselling services.

Recognised by its snowflake flower logo, Hope Bereavement Care’s valuable services require ongoing community support and the organisation asks people to support its work and goals by donating through the Give Now website

Hope Bereavement Care also relies on the work of our partner organisations who provide bereavement support and corporate and community support, our supporters group and our Board, which comprises community members. Keep up to date on the work of our partners and supporters through our events and news page.

If you would like to know more about Hope Bereavement Care, see our frequently asked questions, call (03) 4215 3358 during office hours or contact us online.

For urgent matters, relating to a child death, call our 24-hour telephone support service 1300 308 307.