About Hope Bereavement Care, Geelong

Hope Bereavement Care is the trading name of a counselling, care and support service in Geelong provided by Hope Bereavement Services Inc.

Hope Bereavement Services’ history spans back to its origins in 1985 following concerns about the lack of regional services supporting families following the death of a child.

In 1992, Hope Bereavement Services formed a working relationship with the Sudden Infant Death Research Foundation, known today as Red Nose.

Hope Bereavement Services has grown into a highly respected essential service and support provider within Victoria’s Barwon and South West regions, centred on Geelong.

In 2004, Hope Bereavement Services adopted the trading name Hope Bereavement Care. Its service model has been developed on the following —

The service recognises the role of three different support providers for bereaved families:

  • Their own natural helping network of family and friends
  • Others who are similarly bereaved who are able to share their experiences
  • Professional bereavement care providers.

The main components of the service of Hope Bereavement Care are:

  •   A bereavement outreach service
  •    Ongoing contact with families
  •    Group work
  •    Community liaison, consultation, resources and information.

You can contact Hope Bereavement Care in Geelong for more information about the organisation and its services.

Hope Bereavement Services Board members

President: Dr Bernie Jenner
Vice President: Keith Fagg
Secretary: Peter Berrisford
Treasurer: Peter Norrish
Executive Officer: Graham Morton
Members: Tara Iacovella, Pam Virgona, Chris Bitmead, Mark Harris, Danny Keating.