Support After Suicide, Geelong Region

Support for any person bereaved by suicide and those caring for them

Hope Bereavement Care’s Support After Suicide is a service that provides grief support to anyone experiencing the loss of a loved one bereaved by suicide; and professionals in the wider community who may be caring for them.

We offer suicide support:

  • Counselling
  • Referrals
  • Group based support
  • Secondary consultation
  • Health promotion
  • Community education

Suicide is the leading cause of death for both adult males and females aged 15- 44 years. Between 8 and 10 Australians die by suicide everyday and there is an estimated 180 people who attempt suicide, with nearly half hospitalised.

Support services

SAS Geelong Region is aware that grief following suicide is complex and varied and that people need different kinds of support at different times. For this reason we offer a range of support services including:


Free bereavement counselling for individuals, couples and families by a qualified bereavement counsellor either face to face or by telephone.


Referral service to specific interventions and programs.

Support Groups

Support groups for those bereaved by the suicide of a loved one:

After Suicide Loss Support Group

Meets monthly to provide an opportunity to share experiences and support each other in a safe and confidential environment, with facilitation by a professional.

After Suicide Loss Support Group: A 4-Week Group

Run several times a year to provide information about suicide and the experience of the suicide of a loved one, as well as to develop resources to assist in the suicide bereavement journey. This group is recommended for those who are between 3-24 months bereaved.

Support Literature

Production and distribution of information relating to different aspects of the suicide bereavement experience.

Provision of a library of suicide bereavement specific resources available for loan.

Secondary Consultation

Consultation service for professionals who are supporting people who are bereaved by suicide.

Health Promotion and Community Education

Education and professional development for health, education and welfare professionals on the complexities of suicide bereavement and its impact on loved ones and the greater community.

Provision of co-ordinated suicide prevention and awareness initiatives, by collaborating with key stakeholders in the region.

Engagement in activities and initiatives that target the general population in order to increase suicide awareness in the general community and to provide a better understanding of the issues surrounding suicide, so community members are able to respond appropriately in times of need.

Useful numbers

Suicide Line: 1300 651 251
Lifeline: 13 11 14
Grief Line: 1300 845 745
Kids Helpline: 1800 551 800
Mensline: 1800 551 800

We offer:

  • Personal and family support
  • Bereavement information for families, service providers and support people
  • Opportunities to meet other bereaved people who have had a similar experience
  • Grief and trauma information
  • Education, support and advice for emergency workers, schools, community service providers and others.
  • A range of resources from our library.