Grieving the death of a child

Hope Bereavement Care provides support to people affected by the death of a baby or child from conception to 18 years of age.

Every parent fears the loss of a child and when it happens, the child’s death is devastating to parents, family members, friends and workmates- the impact has a far-reaching ripple effect.

Grief counselling for the loss of a child requires specialised skills and training. The qualified counsellors at Hope Bereavement Care work under the professional supervision of Red Nose.

Our support services include:

  • Grief counselling for parents including red nose counselling and stillbirth support
  • Counselling and support for extended family members, family friends, workmates, school communities, emergency service personnel and service providers.
  • Secondary Consultation for professionals supporting people experiencing the loss of a child.

Our support groups include:

  • Drop In Coffee Group for parents who has lost a child of any age
  • Children’s Memory Mornings during school holidays for pre-schoolers and primary aged children
  • Empty Arm Parent Support for families and friends who have suffered a loss from a miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death.

Resources include:

  • Angel Boxes
  • Memory Boxes
  • Online Support
  • Literature
  • Library of relevant books

For more information contact Hope Bereavement Care or call the 24-hour telephone support service 1300 308 307 for urgent support relating to the death of a child.

The below link is a Resource Map, we hope this information helps navigating this journey a
little easier.

Grief After Pregnancy and Baby Loss

We offer:

  • The support of qualified counsellors and trained parent supporters
  • A range of information resources to assist, families, support people and service providers
  • Support groups which offer bereaved people a variety of opportunities to meet other people who have endured similar experiences
  • Trauma and grief information
  • 24-hour telephone support service in Australia: Call 1800 240 400
  • Advice, education and support for groups such as emergency workers, community service providers and schools.
  • A library of resources for bereaved people.