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A sudden and unexpected death is devastating and shocking. It can lead to feelings of disbelief, guilt, loneliness, fear, nausea, anxiety and helplessness. As well as physical symptoms including sleeplessness and exhaustion. These experiences can increase risk of relationship breakdowns, financial strain, and ongoing mental health concerns. There are times that those bereaved need more support than that of family and friends, those bereaved by a suicide sometimes find it hard to reach out, and when families lose a baby during pregnancy or at birth, it can be hard for those who love and support then to know how  to help.

How you can help?

Make a Donation: Help us to transform the lives of grieving people. Your generous donation – big or small – will help us  ensure that no one will be alone in their grief.

Fundraise for us: Help us to transform the lives of grieving people. This fundraising kit will give you all the information you will need including details of Hope Bereavement. Click here to help you get started we have also included a list of fundraising ideas, templates and promotional material.

Leave a Bequest: In leaving a bequest for Hope Bereavement Care, you have the power to help ensure that we can be there, beyond your lifetime, to continue to provide important services to the bereaved and those who support them.

Volunteer: Do you have skills that may be of assistance to the work we do? Find out more about how you can volunteer with Hope.

Fundraise for Us
Donate your Celebration: Have a birthday coming up? Want to give a gift that makes a difference? Ask your guests to give to Hope instead of a gift.
Host an Event: Do you want to host a fundraising event. There are many idea’s to consider. Perhaps you could host a Movie night, Trivia Night or a Golf Days. You can ask for participants to donate to Hope as a part of coming to your event.
Challenge yourself: Want to push yourself. Why not consider ‘running’ for Hope, or challenging yourself by reading 100 books or quitting sugar for a month. Ask your friends and family to sponsor you
Get your Workplace, School or Club involved: Get your school or club to make Hope your fundraising cause. Get your workplace involved by running a corporate event or have a gold Coin morning Tea.
Donate in the name of a loved one: Any of these events can be done in the name of a loved one. Or you may want to honor a special date of a loved one to Hope.

Collecting Donations
Consider if you want to collect money or you would like people to Donate on-line.
If you want to collect money, Hope can provide you with a Tracking document so we can provide all givers a Tax receipt after the event, and arrange a way for you to get the money to Hope.
If you would prefer to have people donate online you can Create a crowd raiser on GiveNow and then let them do the rest. They will keep track of what you have raised, mange all the money and receipts and you can link to people by social media or email straight from their page.
Get the Word Out
Share: Compile a list of everyone you know, friends, family, work colleagues etc. Tell them about your fundraiser and invite them to support you.
Promote to Family and Friends: Announce your fundraiser on Facebook with a link to  GiveNow. You could also send a direct message your friends to ask for donations and consider creating an “event” to invite them to. Share photos of your fundraiser and post to Facebook
Hope Fundraising Support: We will provide you with a Fundraising Pack that includes
• Providing a Proudly Supporting Hope logo for event promotion
• Promotion of your event on the Hope website and Facebook page
• A Supporter Letter, to help you gather local support and sponsorship
Keep in Touch
Don’t forget to let us know how it goes, send us some photo’s and link us in on Social media

Leave a Bequest
In leaving a bequest for Hope Bereavement, you have the power to help ensure that we can continue to provide services that ensure no one will be alone in their grief. The addition of a gift in your Will to a cause that you are passionate about is an opportunity to touch many lives beyond your lifetime. Your bequest, big or small, will be put towards the strengthening and extension of services offered by the Centre. You can choose to direct your bequest to one of our programs or allow Hope to direct your generosity to where it is needed most.
If you are considering, or have already included Hope Bereavement Care in your Will, please let us know. We would like the opportunity to acknowledge and thank you for your kindness personally. Please be assured your details will remain confidential.

How do I make a bequest?
It is easy to make a bequest in your Will to Hope Bereavement. After providing for your family and friends, you may choose to leave a gift of a specified amount of money, specified items of property/shares or a percentage of your estate, depending on your personal preferences. To ensure that your wishes are realised, your gift will need to be formally stated in your Will. It is recommended that you seek independent, professional legal advice to help you in either writing our updating your Will. Below is suggested wording you can use in your Will:

“I give, free of all duties and taxes (The whole (or …%) of the residue of my estate, The whole (or …%) of my estate, The sum of $(amount) or Details of a particular asset — such as shares or property) to the Hope Bereavement care (ABN 76451676675) of Level 2, Kitchener House, 289 Ryrie Street, Geelong, VIC 3220 for its general purposes. An authorised receipt from Hope Bereavement will be a sufficient discharge for the executor(s) or trustee.”

Each year we help more families, yet we receive no direct government funding, and the charities which have previously supported us are reducing their funding. We need to raise almost $150,000 by year end.

We would greatly appreciate your support, so we can continue to provide HOPE to those grieving.

Donate to Hope Bereavement Care