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Why Help?

A sudden and unexpected death is devastating and shocking. It can lead to feelings of disbelief, guilt, loneliness, fear, nausea, anxiety and helplessness. As well as physical symptoms including sleeplessness and exhaustion. These experiences can increase risk of relationship breakdowns, financial strain, and ongoing mental health concerns. There are times that those bereaved need more support than that of family and friends, those bereaved by a suicide sometimes find it hard to reach out, and when families lose a baby during pregnancy or at birth, it can be hard for those who love and support then to know how  to help.

How you can help?

Make a Donation: Help us to transform the lives of grieving people. Your generous donation – big or small – will help us  ensure that no one will be alone in their grief.

There are many ways to donate

  • Cheques payable to Hope Bereavement Services Inc, Level 2, Kitchener House, PO Box 281, Geelong 3220
  • Direct debit into our Bendigo Bank account, BSB 633 000 A/C103401832  Reference: Donation plus your name.
  • Give Now

Fundraise for us: Help us to transform the lives of grieving people. This Fundraise for Hope Factsheet will give you all the information you will need including details of Hope Bereavement.  To help you get started we have also included a list of fundraising ideas, templates and promotional material.

Leave a Bequest: In leaving a bequest for Hope Bereavement Care, you have the power to help ensure that we can be there, beyond your lifetime, to continue to provide important services to the bereaved and those who support them.

Volunteer: Do you have skills that may be of assistance to the work we do? Find out more about how you can volunteer with Hope.

(Hope Bereavement Services Inc Reg No A0027598B)

Hope Bereavement has been running for over 35 years with the support of the community and partner organisations.

You can bring HOPE to those suffering from grief after the loss of a loved one. We cant do this without you

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