Adult Bereavement, Geelong Region

Hope Bereavement Care in Geelong provides free information, support and counselling to any person affected by the death of an adult (particularly death that is sudden and unexpected), whether they be:

  • A partner
  • A parent or grandparent
  • An adult child
  • A friend
  • A workplace colleague

There is no question that any death – particularly one that is sudden and unexpected – is both devastating and shocking. It can lead to feelings of disbelief, guilt, loneliness, fear, anxiety and helplessness, as well as physical symptoms such as sleeplessness and physical and mental exhaustion.

The first five weeks following a loved one’s death are often the worst, and bereaved people can find themselves creating ‘what if’ and ‘if only’ scenarios in their minds. Others may feel angry, perhaps with themselves, the person who has died or somebody they blame for the death.


Our support services include:

  • Free grief counselling either in-person or remotely for those affected by the death of an adult, particularly death that is sudden and unexpected
  • Counselling and support for extended family members, friends, workmates and school communities also affected by an adult’s death
  • Secondary consultation for professionals supporting those affected by the death of an adult


Our support groups include:

  • The TCF and Hope Drop-In Group, run in partnership with The Compassionate Friends (TCF), for any parent who has lost a child of any age from any cause
  • Men’s Bereavement in the Bar, an informal group for men who have experienced the loss of a child of any age from any cause
  • Learning to Live with Loss, a free four-week grief education program co-facilitated by Hope and Tuckers Funeral & Bereavement Service for women who have experienced the recent death of a partner


For more information, please contact us or call Lifeline on 13 11 14 for urgent grief support relating to the death of a loved one.


* Below is a link to a resource map that we hope helps navigating the journey of grief after sudden and unexpected death a little easier:

Grief after sudden and unexpected death

We offer:

  • The support of qualified counsellors
  • Support groups offering bereaved people opportunities to meet others with similar experiences
  • Trauma and grief information to assist bereaved people and their families and support people
  • A library of online resources for those affected by the death of an adult
  • Advice, education and support for groups such as emergency services personnel, community service providers and school communities