Adult bereavement support, Geelong and district

A common perception of bereavement groups such as Hope Bereavement Care is that they focus predominantly on providing support following the sudden and unexpected death of infants, toddlers and young children.

Hope Bereavement Care in Geelong certainly provides support following a child’s death but also extends its bereavement support to any person in the greater Geelong region impacted by the sudden and unexpected death of an adult. That support includes people bereaving the death of a spouse, an adult child, a parent or grandparent, a friend, a workmate – any adult.

There is no question that a sudden and unexpected death is both devastating and shocking and can lead to feelings of disbelief, guilt and helplessness, as well as physical symptoms such as sleeplessness and physical and mental exhaustion.

The first weeks following the death can be the worst, and bereaved people can find themselves creating “what if” and “if only” scenarios in their minds. Others might be angry, perhaps with themselves, the person who has died or somebody they might blame for the death. Feeling isolated or alone are other symptoms, as are fear, nausea and anxiety.

Hope Bereavement Care’s counsellors and support groups can help people cope with the death of an adult, offering qualified support and guidance. Anybody seeking adult bereavement support can get in touch with Hope Bereavement Care, where help is only a telephone call or email away.

The death of a spouse

Coping with grief following the loss of your life partner can be an almost overwhelming task. The person you have turned to, relied on and with whom you have made some of life’s biggest and most important decisions is gone. Losing your spouse has been described as feeling like losing part of yourself, and, on top of their grief, bereaved spouses often feel lost as well as alone.

At Hope Bereavement Care, our trained Geelong counsellors can help bereaved spouses cope with their grief following the death of their spouse. Importantly, our adult counselling services are targeted specifically at adults and do no overlap with our child services.

The death of a parent

Whilst the death of a child is devastating, the loss of parents can be equally confronting and life can never be the same. Parents are irreplaceable and their death can, and does, have profound impact, no matter whether you had a close relationship with your parents or a challenging one.

People enduring the death of one parent not only have to face the challenges of their own grief, they also face the confronting issue of the surviving parent’s struggle with his or her own grief. They also might have to take over many of the tasks and responsibilities of the parent who has died.

People who have lost both parents suddenly become the bearers of the unwanted title “adult orphan”, and that title can bring feelings of responsibility and confusion as adult orphans struggle with their new role as the senior generation of the immediate family. Adding to the weight of those feelings of confusion and responsibility is the grief that accompanies the loss of a parent.

About 100 children in Geelong and district suffer the death of a parent each year and Hope Bereavement Care works closely with Wombat’s Wish, a specialised service that supports children who have lost a parent. Wombat’s Wish, based on UK program Winston’s Wish, helps children live with the loss and grief accompanying a parent’s death.

Suicide bereavement

Suicide is the number one killer of men under the age of 45 and women under the age of 35, and statistics reveal that six Australians take their own life every day.

Death is confronting at any time and suicides can make the challenge of coping that much harder. As well as grief, the family, friends and associates of the bereaved often have to deal with feelings of anger, guilt and confusion that can accompany the trauma of suicide. Hope Bereavement provides support following the suicide deaths of adults and children, and can help with suicide bereavement.

Our qualified counsellors provide personal and family support for families struggling with the death of an adult. Services include information to help with grief and trauma and more.

For more information contact Hope Bereavement Care.

Hope Bereavement Care offers:

  • Personal and family support
  • Bereavement information for families, service providers and support people
  • Opportunities to meet other bereaved people who have had a similar experience
  • Grief and trauma information
  • Education, support and advice for emergency workers, schools, community service providers and others.
  • A range of resources from our library.