Bereavement support and grief counselling partners, Geelong

Hope Bereavement Care has worked tirelessly with its partners for over 26 years to provide services and support to those who are grieving the sudden loss of a loved one.

With the generous support of our partners, we are able to provide grief counselling and support services in Geelong and surrounding districts.

Contact Hope Bereavement if you would like more information about our partners or our services.

Red Nose

Formerly known as SIDS and Kids, Red Nose supports families after the unexpected death of an infant or child, and carries out research into SIDS deaths. A major partner of Hope Bereavement Care.

Jesuit Social Services

The Support After Suicide Program assists children, young people and adults bereaved by suicide.

The Compassionate Friends (Victoria)

The Compassionate Friends Victoria is for parents who have lost a child of any age due to any cause. The group partners with Hope Bereavement Care through a “Drop In” support group.

Corporate and community support partners

Hope Bereavement Care relies heavily on its partner organisations which provide corporate and community support.
Barwon Health

Barwon Health delivers health care in the Barwon Region. A major partner of Hope Bereavement.

Freemasons Victoria

Freemasons Victoria is an organisation of good men, supporting each other, their families and the community. Freemasons Victoria are proud sponsors of the Support After Suicide program.

Geelong Community Foundation

The Geelong Community Foundation exists to make a positive and lasting difference to people in the Geelong region.